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In Real Life




***Under Construction (or destruction, idk.)***

My obsession with school started when COVID was winding down and I was sick of baking those goddamn Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies (I know ya'll remember them). I finally got my ADHD under control (Thanks Adderall!) and I wanted to be a Psychiatrist, then I found out I loved math, then I found out I hate research, then I wanted to be on the radio... maybe the ADHD isnt under control....

Wanna see what a neurodivergent's resume looks like?

A mini account of my travels...

Spirituality... most active in the months ending in -ber... why? I have no major idea.

Girl, you know what he said?

An honest to god list of what my man has said to me. Yes, I asked his permission before I posted this...

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