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OC Lash Studio

Starting 2/2/22 OC Lash Studio will be taking appointments at:

1361 S Harbor Blvd

Sola Salon Suites #04

Fullerton, CA 92832

Classic Lashes

No more than 2x your natural lash, Classic lashes are the perfect enhancement to give off that Natural Girl Vibe. 1 extension on 1 natural eyelash. Perfect for newbs and those recovering from lash damage

Volume Lashes

For those seasoned lash clients who know how to properly care for extensions. After a few classic lash appointments, you can splurge a bit with Volume Lashes. Volume lashes are a glamorous enhancement to give off that Extra Girl Look. 1 "fan" on 1 natural eyelash. Perfect for seasoned classic lash clients with healthy and strong natural lashes.

Lash Lift

Lash perms are another alternative for clients with strong and long natural lashes, or clients who have become sensitive to lash adhesive (make sure to check with Angi regarding TRUE adhesive sensitivity).

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